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Peak Performance Swim Camp | Los Angeles, CA Swimming Camps

Peak Performance Swim Camp is a swimming camp aimed at helping 7-17 year old competitive swimmers reach their maximum potential and achieve their competitive edge in swimming. We offer swimming camps in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter swim camps, which focus on two concepts: Swim Positive, and The Swimming Triangle.
Swim Positive concerns maintaining a positive attitude toward competitive swim training and to life. The Swimming Triangle focuses on the holistic combination of a mental, physical, and technical approach to swimming.

Peak Performance Swim Camp's head coach and founder, former Olympic coach Nick Baker, leads all swim camps, which are appropriate for all age group swimmers. Coach Baker has 37 years of experience as a competitive swimming coach for thousands of swimmers.

Additionally, Peak Performance Swim Camp swimming camps offer a swimmer-to-coach ratio as low as 5:1, which allows for very personalized swimming technique instruction from Coach Baker and his experienced coaching staff. Peak Performance Swim Camp swimmers always enjoy their time at swim camp but also learn valuable swimming skills that dramatically improve their strokes and help them in local, State, and National competition at USA Swimming, high school swim meets, and rec swimming.

Our year round camps in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Swim Camps have helped swimmers ages 7-17 to: get a powerful butterfly kick, get faster times, swim more efficiently, improve their freestyle starts, learn new butterfly drills, perfect their streamline, have a fast flip turn, learn the proper backstroke start, and breathe correctly in their breaststroke.

Swimmers and parents enjoy that our swim camps are located all over the country, all year long:
Spring Swim Camps in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Washington DC; Greenwich, Connecticut and Orlando, Florida.

Summer Swim Camps in Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida; Washington DC; Greenwich, Connecticut; Seattle, Washington; Los Angeles, California; Mt. Kisco, New York and Boston, Massachusetts

Winter Swim Camps in Orlando, Florida and Mt. Kisco, New York

If you swim for a competitive, recreational, or high school team in the Los Angeles area (like Southern California Aquatic, Surfside Swim Team, Los Angeles Swim Club, SCAQ Masters Swim Club, Royal Swim Team, Hancock Park Swim Club, Westside Aquatics, South Bay Swim Team, Loyola Swim Team, Team Santa Monica, LA Surf and Swim, Stephen Wise Aquatic Team, Zenith Aquatic Program Masters, Palos Verdes Aquatic Club, Swim Torrance, TSM, La Mirada Swim Team, Golden Wave Swim Team, Papillion-La Vista Swim Team) our swimming camps will take you to the next level to help you become the top swimmer in LA.

Swim camp participants can expect to learn physical and technical skills like breathing, cross-training for swimming, dry-land exercises, proper butterfly technique (dolphin kick, proper hip motion, getting arms out of the water), butterfly starts and turns, new butterfly drills, new backstroke drills, proper backstroke technique (backstroke hand position, backstroke arm placement, backstroke flutter kick), proper breaststroke technique, backstroke starts and turns, breaststroke starts and turns, new breaststroke drills, proper freestyle technique, freestyle starts and turns, new freestyle drills, yoga, and mental skills like concentration and focus for swimming.

Our swimmers also always have fun at swim camp in and out of the pool. At Peak Performance Swim Camp they learn positive swimming skills and lessons that cross over into positive life skills and lessons, enjoy fun social activities, bond with new friends, make life-long friendships, and have the swim camp experience of a lifetime! Check out all of the info about Peak Performance Swim Camp at www.swimcamp.com.